Love to Bike? Check Out These Scenic Delaware Bike Trails

Girl enjoying bike ride under sky

Biking is undeniably one of the best ways to explore the varied and always beautiful Delaware countryside. Hilly, challenging trails in the north; relaxed, scenic trails in the south; and sandy courses along the coast – whatever you’re looking for, the state has you covered.

Whether you’re an eager beginner or an experienced cyclist looking for a challenge, find below a Delaware biking trail for you.

Amish Country Bike Route

Just to the west of Dover, where the city meets the country, find Delaware’s only Amish settlement. Home to around 300 Amish families, the area remains a living, breathing and thriving Amish community, giving visitors the opportunity to step back in time to a simpler age, where horse-drawn buggies rule the roads and simple wooden houses are the norm.

The area is ideal for exploring by bicycle, both for the unique scenery as well as the largely flat terrain that will pose little challenge to any experience level. Make sure to stop at one of the rest stops along the way for a slice of home-cooked cherry pie, perfect for refueling after a long ride.

Cape Henlopen State Park Bike Loop Trail

Salt MarshCape Henlopen State Park is one of Delaware’s most popular parks, attracting visitors all year round with its sandy beaches, wide open spaces, and history. To experience the park to the fullest and see everything it has to offer, be sure to take advantage of its various trails: the specially designed Bike Loop Trail, Junction and Breakwater Trail, Gordons Pond Trail, and Walking Dunes Trail.

When you’re on Bike Loop, a nice idea is to stop at the observation tower and enjoy the breathtaking views of the region from the top.

Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge Loop

The Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge is a 16,000-acre sanctuary for migratory birds and other wildlife. A place of breathtaking natural beauty no matter the season, it is a spot not to be missed. The park is always popular but is large enough to give off a feeling of isolation and calm that is always proves irresistible.

Cycling is by far the easiest way to discover the whole refuge and there is even a specially designated bike loop for just this purpose. The 8.5-mile route is moderately difficult but the wonderful variety of nature that can be seen along the way makes the effort well worth it.

Bombay Hook NWR in Autumn

Killens Pond State Park Bike Trail

Right in the heart of Kent County, Killens Pond State Park is just 1.5 hours from the both the northern and southern state lines, making it a great place to begin your Delaware adventure. The park’s centerpiece is the 66-acre pond, where swimmers, fishermen, and boaters are rarely absent. Running parallel with the Killens Pond Road is the park’s only bike trail; a paved and relatively easy ride, it is the perfect way for the whole family to enjoy cycling together.