5 Must-Visit Restaurants in Bethany Beach

Tuna appetizer is ready to serve

Bethany Beach is the premier example of why the beaches of Delaware are known for being one the nation’s best-kept secrets. The resort town is quiet, serene, and family-friendly, yet can also boast a fun-loving, glamorous, and artsy edge, giving it an appeal that knows no bounds and only seems to grow as the years pass by.

Naturally, such a place is also studded with a fine selection of gourmet restaurants suited to all tastes and budgets. Read on to discover our 5 favorites.

Bluecoast Seafood Grill & Raw Bar

If you want to eat out somewhere that you can be sure won’t disappoint, there’s no place better than Bluecoast Seafood Grill & Raw Bar. A veritable Bethany Beach institution, this is the place to gorge on the freshest seafood in town. Refined but never pretentious, and with an enviable location overlooking the bay, this place has it all. Due to its unceasing popularity, be prepared to wait for a table; but don’t worry, it’s well worth it.

Bethany Blues

Serving up food that blends “traditional, slow-smoked flavors with beach cuisine,” Bethany Blues mixes classic southern barbeque flavors with local specialties, creating dishes that are to die for. Dine on freshly caught crab or lobster barbecued to perfection, try out their signature BBQ sauce smothered baby back ribs or some homemade cornbread, all of which comes in huge portions and is also available to go.

14 Global

One of Bethany Beach’s most unabashedly stylish restaurants, 14 Global is a great place for a special occasion or a well-deserved treat. The focus here is on tapas-style small plates, all designed to showcase the best of the area’s local produce and the creativity of the chefs. The restaurant is also justifiably proud of its handcrafted cocktails, which go perfectly with the chic surroundings and general atmosphere of relaxed sophistication. Our favorites are the Cruzan Mojitos and their signature frozen margaritas.


Artisan pizzas made to order is the name of the game at Pie, Bethany Beach’s premier pizzeria. Made using the finest local ingredients, their thin-crust pies are on another level entirely to standard pizza parlor fare. The sausage and broccoli pizza is one of their best sellers but there’s always something new and exciting to try out.

Off the Hook

As the name suggests, Off the Hook is another Bethany Beach restaurant to feast on some of the freshest seafood money can buy. The food here is world-class but the setting is laid-back and comfortable, making it perfect for a lazy evening meal and a few drinks. To start, the roasted corn and jalapeño crab bisque comes particularly recommended, as does the main course of grilled swordfish with sweet sausage, broccolini and ratatouille chutney. Finish up with a slice of homemade key lime pie and wash it all down with one of their specialty beers. Sound good? Give it a try.

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